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Grandparents United for Autism


“My hope is that we embrace that human spirit with our own children all the time. That has always been my hope with this group." - Shirley Craven, Grandmother and founder of Grandparents United for Autism. 


Come out to a Grandparents United for Autism support group meeting for some wonderful discussions where you can share your experiences & learn from everyone else. At the meetings you will be provided information, a support system of people who can actually understand what you are going through- because they are going through it as well, knowledgeable guest speakers and a safe environment where you can smile, laugh and make some new friends.

For more information, please contact Shirley Craven at or our office at


Autism Speaks has created A Grandparent's Guide to Autism. This family support tool kit is designed to help guide and encourage grandparents to establish positive and successful relationships with their grandchildren and the rest of their families.

Click here to read A Grandparent's Guide to Autism.

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