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Autism Speaks Funded Science in Ohio

Autism Speaks is dedicated to facilitating global research into the causes, treatments, prevention and an eventual cure for autism by:

  • Promoting cross-disciplinary cooperation
  • Funding research
  • Organizing research summit meetings
  • Establishing standards for data collection and management to benefit the scientific community

Autism Speaks has committed over $98 million in grants to support 773 promising research projects and fellowships into the causes and treatments of autism.  The investment in these research grants alone has been leveraged into nearly $153 million in NIH and other funding.  Locally, 13 projects representing nearly $1.45 million in investments have been funded:

Case Western Reserve University – Cleveland, OH
• CNS Pattern Formulation and the Etiology of Autism
• The Engrailed-2 Mutant as a Model of the Neuropathology of Autism

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center / Research Foundation – Cincinnati, OH
• Genetic Control of Mammalian Amygdalar Development
• Immune Phenotypes in Autism Spectrum Disorder 
• Does immune system dysfunction play a role in autism?
• Genome-wide Association Study of Autism Characterized by Developmental Regression
• Participating in the Autism Treatment Network (ATN).  The ATN is the nation's first network of hospitals and physicians dedicated to developing a model of comprehensive medical care for children and adolescents with autism.

Cleveland State University – Cleveland, OH
• A Play and Joint Attention Intervention for Preschool Teachers and Young Children with Autism

Ohio State University / Ohio State University Medical Center – Columbus, OH
• Risperidone and Behavior Therapy in Children with Pervasive Developmental Disorder: Long Term Follow-up 
• Neuronal Nicotonic Receptor Modulation in the Treatment of Autism: A Pilot Trial of Mecamylamine
• Pharmacological Modulation of Functional Connectivity in Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Participating in the Clinical Trial Network (CTN) study on Fluoxetine in Autism (SOFIA).  The CTN focuses on translational research, the critical step necessary to transfer findings from the laboratory to clinical application.

The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital & The Ohio State University – Columbus, OH
• Autism Genome Project (AGP) Data Coordinating Center
• The Autism Simplex Consortium (TASC) Data Coordinating Center

Wright State University – Dayton, OH
• Neuro-Endocrine Peptide Hormones are Implicated in Social Behavior Development:  Oxytocin Involvement in Autism
• Cellular mechanisms controlling central oxytocinergic activity: Role in the pathophysiology of autism

Did you Know
....Families Can Participate in research projects in Ohio!

Visit this link to connect with researchers and learn about research studies seeking family participation.

Check this link for Current Science News