Autism Speaks' Federal Initiatives:

Autism Speaks' State Initiatives:  
Autism Speaks has undertaken a multi-state insurance legislation campaign in an effort to change insurance laws and require coverage of medically necessary autism services. Support for an autism insurance reform bill in New York State was recently endorsed. The bill is sponsored in the New York State Senate by Senator Charles Fuschillo and in the State Assembly by Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg, both from Long Island. The legislation would require private health insurance companies to cover the screening, diagnosis, testing, and treatment of autism spectrum disorder for individuals up to the age of 21 with the maximum benefit of $36,000 per year. This includes coverage of Applied Behavior Analysis as an evidence-based, medically-necessary autism therapy. To learn more about the bill click here.

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Top: New York City Autism Votes Booth, Sarah Palin at Westchester/Fairfield Walk
Bottom: Governor David Patterson at NYC Walk, NYS Senator Charles Schumer (middle) at Long Island Walk