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 Supporting Families Today

Autism Response Team (ART) Coordinators are available to respond to family inquires and requests by phone 888-AUTISM2 (288-4762) or email at Find out more about the national  Autism Speaks Family Services programs which include:

Supporting Communities Today

In New York:

We currently have resources listed for the state of New York. We are always looking to identify more resources to provide to families. We encourage you to submit additional resources if you have information about a service or service provider that you feel would be helpful to individuals with autism and their families. These resources are included in the 100 Day Kit. Nearly 350 kits have been given to newly diagnosed families in New York alone!

Recently, Autism Speaks' Family Services completed its fourth round of grants. New York has received thirteen Community Grants over the past three years with the latest awarded to New York State Institute for Basic Research, University of Rochester, Long Island University CW Post Campus, and Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism, Inc. For more information about the Community Grants in New York and others across the country, visit the Family Service Community Grant page.

New York State Institute for Basic Research - Staten Island, NY
J. Helen Yoo

Targeting the Big Three: Challenging Behaviors, Mealtime Behaviors, and Toileting

The goal of this proposal is to create a behavioral curriculum for hands-on trainings for parents, caregivers, and service providers that address the most frequent and problematic areas of daily living: management of challenging behaviors, mealtime behaviors, and toileting. The curriculum will be based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and focus on developing the specific techniques and skills that have proved to be successful in these areas. The four-part approach of this proposal will entail curriculum development, technological transfer of this information via a train-the-trainer model, on-site interactive training of staff and caregivers, and hands-on follow-up with individuals with ASD themselves.

University of Rochester - Rochester, NY
Caroline Magyar

Training Rural Providers in the Assessment and Treatment of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in Autism

This program is targeted toward school psychologists and community mental health practitioners in rural New York. The program aims to increase knowledge of best practices in the assessment and treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders in school-aged children with ASDs. The University of Rochester will develop a training manual and provide training complete with evaluation of changes in the participants' knowledge of best practices (through pre/post Knowledge tests, Case Study Scenario Checklists, etc). The grantee will also evaluate the content and format of training to prepare it for use in future community education activities. There is a great need for capacity building programs targeted toward these professionals in rural New York, as well as effective training resources that can be replicated for larger groups and disseminated across other geographical areas.

Long Island University, CW Post Campus - Brookville, NY
Kathleen Feeley

Support and Recreation for Children with Autism and their Siblings

This weekend program will provide intensive instruction in key social, communication, and leisure skills for children with ASDs, as well as a support group for their siblings. The instruction and support will be followed by an inclusive recreation activity in which children with autism can practice their new skills with their siblings, and other typically developing peers. Counseling students will run support groups, while speech, psychology, and education students will conduct intensive instruction and provide support for the children with autism throughout the program, and physical education students will run the recreation activities. The children with autism and their siblings will benefit greatly from participation in this program, as the unique hands-on experiences will improve their knowledge and skills, ultimately improving service provision for children with autism and their families.

Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism, Inc. (NSSA) - Commack, NY
Nicole Weidenbaum


The NSSA Green Team

The NSSA Green Team is a unique program designed to promote environmental sustainability while fostering vocational and community integration skills for young adults with autism. The NSSA Green Team will recycle glass bottles, cans, and paper at both the Suffolk Y-JCC and NSSA headquarters. The Green Team will also offer customized cleaning services using green products at the Suffolk Y-JCC. This project is an opportunity for young adults with ASDs to develop social and vocational skills, which will help foster integration into the community, increase independence, enable them to become productive members of the community, and open doors to future employment.