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New Jersey Resources

Supporting Families Today

Autism Response Team (ART) Coordinators are available to respond to family inquires and requests by phone 888-AUTISM2 (288-4762) or email at Find out more about the national  Autism Speaks Family Services programs which include:

Supporting Communities Today

Family Services Projects in Development include Autism in the Workplace, and a Safety/First Responder Toolkit.

Community Grants in New Jersey

Vidal Annan
Youth Development Clinic, Inc – Newark, NJ

Hands-On Training for Autism

The goal of this proposal is to address the need for trained autism professionals in the Newark metro area by providing quality, hands on training using evidence based model. It is expected that by providing training, professional consultation, and support for staff, school districts in the low income communities in the Newark area will be able to increase in district educational services for children with autism spectrum disorders.

Significance for people with autism: This proposal will provide multi session, hands-on training to school district personnel to better work with students with ASD. The result will be that more students can be educated in their home school district.

Pathways for Exceptional Children, Montville, NJ
Melinda Jennis

Project Win-Win

Optimal recreational activities for children with autism include regular social interaction with typically developing peers who live nearby and have had special training. The applicant has successfully built over 35 such recreational programs for children with special needs in Montville Township, New Jersey. Of the participating children with special needs, 50-70 percent have a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. The applicant now seeks funding to expand its programs within Montville Township and to build a satellite program and training center in Union County, New Jersey. The programs and activities to be expanded in Montville Township and initiated in Union County include: 1) Team sports and recreational activities, including baseball, tennis, bowling, golf, swimming, soccer and the like; 2) Acceptance and Awareness programs, including a 2-hour training for typically developing children that teaches them how to understand and work with their non-typically developing peers; 3) Learning through Life, a program that integrates academics and life skills for children with special needs (e.g., teaching math through a cooking project); 4) Magic of Reading, a program that matches each child with the reading strategy best suited to him or her; and 5) Statewide Outreach and Educational Reform, a collaboration with parents, schools and other locales to set up programs modeled on the applicant's.

Significance for people with autism
: Children with autism aged 3-21 in Montville Township and Union County, New Jersey will enjoy enhanced recreational and educational opportunities as a result of this project. In addition, other children with autism may benefit as a result of the applicant's outreach program. Significant opportunity for replication of this project exists.

Bergenfield Public School District, Bergenfield, NJ
Katherine Mancuso

Not Far from Par Golf Program

Last summer, the applicant, a school district, organized "Not Far from Par," a summer golf program for 16 middle and high school students in Bergen County, New Jersey. Based on feedback from parents, students, and the community, the program was a resounding success. Students improved communication, social and physical skills, and formed closer bonds with peers, siblings and parents. The community at large was introduced to the idea that children with autism can be successfully educated within the community. This project will expand the golf program for next summer to a minimum of 32 students. In addition, the golf program will offer a training program for general and special education teachers, both to help teachers interact more effectively with students on the autism spectrum, and to encourage other New Jersey schools to begin similar programs.

Significance for people with autism: This project will double the size of a summer golf program (at a minimum) in Bergen County that successfully taught students with autism in a community setting. Through a teacher training program, it is hoped that other schools will be inspired to launch similar programs.

Garden State Discovery Museum's Center for Learning, Cherry Hill, NJ
Coniqua Abdul-Malik

Open Arms: Support for the ASD Community

Children's museums aim to further the growth and development of children through hands-on learning, make-believe play and social interaction. Children with autism may miss out on these benefits because they cannot tolerate crowds, or because their families wish to avoid the unwanted attention and comments that the child's behavior in public may provoke. This program arranges exclusive events for children with autism and their families at the Garden State Discovery Museum so that the children can benefit from the museum in a safe, friendly and understanding environment. On Family evenings, the museum is open exclusively for children on the autism spectrum and their parents, siblings and caregivers. On ‘Rents and Sibs evenings, parents hear speakers on topics from eating habits to speech development, while siblings enjoy a support group involving crafts, games and discussion.

Significance for people with autism: This program opens the Garden State Discovery Museum to children with autism for exclusive events, and includes programs for their parents and siblings. It will also serve as a way for individuals with autism to become more familiar with the museum, and eventually be able to participate during regular operating hours. This is a program that could be replicated at other museums throughout
the country.

In New Jersey:
We currently have resources listed for the state of New Jersey.  We are always looking to identify more resources to provide to families. We encourage you to submit additional resources if you have information about a service or service provider that you feel would be helpful to individuals with autism and their families. Thank you!