Autism Speaks' National Legislative Agenda:

  • Support of the Disability Savings Act of 2008 
    a bill that will provide a tax-preferred savings benefit for disability related expenses.

  • Undertake a multi-state insurance legislation campaign
    an effort to change insurance laws and require coverage of medically necessary autism services.
      • There is currently no bill for autism insurance reform being worked on by the Iowa state legislature.
  • Educational outreach to the policy staffs of all major party candidates for President in 2008

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Advocacy is an inherent part of the lives of those affected by autism.  As our efforts continue to grow in Iowa you can be an integral part to help change the lives of Iowans.  By taking a few moments and registering at you will help us in our common goal of bettering the lives of Iowans.  The advocacy team continues to work hard to move Iowa towards insurance reform, and the time will come in the very future where we will need you to make the difference.