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Autism Speaks in Wisconsin


At Autism Speaks, our goal is to change the future for all who struggle with autism spectrum disorder. We are dedicated to the following: 

·     Science and Research - leading us to answers and interventions

·     Family Services - providing families with information, tools and resources

·     Awareness - increasing public knowledge and understanding of autism

·     Advocacy - accelerating national and state autism legislation 

Autism Speaks has committed nearly $199 million in these areas, with $785,000 of these funds raised here in Wisconsin through our families, sponsors and generous donors!

Here is Wisconsin we have many ways to get involved and seek the support you and your family could value from. Please email or call 312-515-1452 at any time to connect to your Autism Speaks Wisconsin staff person. Also, connect to Autism Speaks Wisconsin through Facebook and our Monthly ENewsletter!

Click through the sidebars to the left to join us at our annual events with your family and friends, or volunteer for our local events and mission. We look forward to seeing you soon!