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Autism Speaks in Kansas

Autism Speaks is dedicated to:

  • Science and Research -

  • Family Services -

  • Awareness -

  • Advocacy -

In Kansas, we have funded over $138,130 in these areas.

Nationwide we have funded over $62 million and in Kansas, we have funded over $138,130 in these areas.

Advocacy News

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Science News

  • Science and Research

    Autism Speaks' Chief Science Officer, Geri Dawson, has provided a letter outlining all of the amazing accomplishments of 2008, as well as where 2009 may lead. A copy of her letter can be found here. Autism Speaks has recently funded research into areas of autism that currently are under-researched, but have the ability to bring huge changes in the understanding of autism. An explanation of the initiative can be found here, while a full description of each grant can be found here. Information on science in your area can be found here.

Family Services News

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    We need your help! Autism Speaks is seeking applications for a new round of Family Services Community Grants. In Kansas, Autism Speaks has awarded over $138,130 in Community and Science Grants. By applying yourself or encouraging your service providers to apply for these grants, there is an increased opportunity for more money to stay locally. Please click here to see a full description of the call for proposals and application process. Information on our local resources can be found here.