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Autism Speaks in Indiana

Autism Speaks is dedicated to:

  • Science and Research -

  • Family Services -

  • Awareness -

  • Advocacy -

Nationwide, we have funded over $62 million in these areas.

With your help we can do even more! Whether you are interested in raising money, volunteering your time, researching local services, encouraging your politicians to support autism legislation, or just staying up to date with what is happening in the Indiana autism community, we invite you to visit these community pages. NEWS: Congratulations to the state of Indiana for two successful and exciting Walk Now for Autism events! On September 20th, approximately 1,500 people at the inaugural Terre Haute Walk Now for Autism experienced the power of unity and celebrated their loved ones affected by autism while raising over $60,000! The following week on September 27th, approximately 1,200 people came together at the Fort Wayne Walk Now for Autism and raised over $70,000!

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