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Illinois Resources

Supporting Families Today

Autism Response Team (ART) Coordinators respond to family inquires/requests by phone 888-AUTISM2 (288-4762) or email Find out more about the national  Autism Speaks Family Services programs which include:

Supporting Communities Today

Family Services Projects in Development include Autism in the Workplace and a Safety/First Responder Toolkit.

In Illinois:

We currently have resources listed for the state of Illinois. We are always looking to identify more resources to provide to families. We encourage you to submit additional resources if you have information about a service or service provider that you feel would be helpful to individuals with autism and their families. Thank you!

Start Something at School!
Formed and led in middle/high schools and colleges, Student Initiatives for Autism Speaks are a fun way to get involved in your community.  Students are encouraged to learn about autism spectrum disorders, spread awareness in their school and community, build friendships with those affected by autism, and raise funds for autism research and family services. To learn more or to get involved in a Student Initiative, visit

School Communities Toolkit
As the rate of autism diagnosis increases, many more public and private schools will include students with autism. Learners with autism may have some additional challenges in the school environment, but with the support of the school community – the teachers, administrators, aides, office staff, bus drivers, nurses, custodians, peers and parents -- students with autism can make great strides and become valued members of a student body. Just as students can learn from each member of the school community, the school staff and peers can learn that students with autism have a lot to offer in return. The purpose of this kit is to provide information about autism – the features, challenges and strengths -- as well as some of the tools and strategies that may result in more positive interactions for all members of a school community.  Visit to view the School Communities Toolkit.