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Autism Speaks is dedicated to:

  • Science and Research - leading us to answers and interventions
  • Family Services - providing families with information, tools and resources
  • Awareness - increasing public knowledge and understanding of autism 
  • Advocacy - accelerating national and state autism legislation

Bay Staters from Boston to the Berkshires embody the mission of Autism Speaks in their local communities. We invite you to find out more and participate in statewide advocacy efforts, local community resources, upcoming events, and ways to get involved.

Family Services: 
In the state of Massachusetts, a total of six grants totaling over $150,882 have been awarded in two years:

Asperger's Association of New England - Destination Independence
Autism Services Association - Employment & Community Accessibility for Young Adults with ASD Transitioning from School to Work
Child Talk - Using Play to Foster Communication in Children with ASD
Massachusetts Advocates for Children - Parents and Professional Training Project: Targeting Outreach to Underserved Families
Melmark New England - Family Focused Intervention, Training and Support
Nashoba Learning Group (NLG) - New staff training for NLG expansion of student body

Science and Research:
Autism Speaks has committed over $98 million in grants to support 773 promising research projects and fellowships into the causes and treatments of autism.  The investment in these research grants alone has been leveraged into nearly $153 million in NIH and other funding.  Locally, 70 projects representing over $10 million in investments have been funded. Some of these projects are:

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
     - I
dentification of genes involved in autism
The language neural network in autism

Boston University Lab of Cognitive Neuroscience  
Functional connectivity of language areas in autism and specific language impairment
Identifying neurobehavioral markers of ASD in high risk infants

Boston University, School of Medicine
Cerebellar circuitry in autism
Neurobiological markers of language acquisition and functioning in autism

Children’s Hospital Boston
Early predictors and clinical correlates of autism in the tuberous sclerosis 
Gene Expression Profiling of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Harvard University Medical School
White matter/brain development initiative
Identifying gastrointestinal conditions in children with ASD

Massachusetts General Hospital
Evaluation of intestinal inflammation and carbohydrate digestion in children with ASD
Quality of life for children with ASD and their parents

Northeastern University
Environment: The impact of our surroundings upon developing autism

University of Massachusetts Boston 
Social-cognitive processing in infant siblings of children with autism

University of Massachusetts Amherst
The identification of non-verbal oral, motor speech and phonological impairment in individuals with ASD