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Big Apple Circus

Big Apple Circus & Autism Speaks have teamed up for two sensory-friendly performances at Boston's City Plaza. The shows are both on Tuesday, April 7, 2015, just outside Boston City Hall and will be at 11:00am and at 6:00pm.

Their magical All-New Show, METAMORPHOSIS, is said to be a realm of enchantment and illusion, a dreamscape domain where no one sits more than 50 feet from ringside, and nothing is impossible! You will be thrilled by the Flying Trapeze, the razzle-dazzle of the Rolla-Bolla, the dynamo of the Diablo, the risky rhythms of the Risley team, the cunning conjurors of the Quick-Change, and the incredible flexible limbs of the Contortionists. See and hear the musical merriment of their featured clown and camels, horses, playful pooches and more. Come immerse yourself in the wonder, joy and astounding magic of METAMORPHOSIS!

There is also a social story that can be viewed:

A series of 8 Sensory Friendly Shows that began in New York City in October, will have shows in New York, New Jersey and Boston. To read about the experience at the first New York City show please visit:

To purchase tickets for any of the Sensory Friendly Big Apple Circus shows available, visit