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Magic for Autism

How does the “Magic” work? It works when you customize an autism-friendly vacation package around you and your special child. We’ll help you with that spell and here’s how we do it:

You take a very special flight, with other families whose children have ASD. That’s right, you have other families on board who face many of the same issues as you do. Instead of being judged, you’ll find help. Maybe you’ll get to help another family when they need it?

If yours is the only family leaving from your local airport, we’ll provide you with our Individual Flight Assistance Package, at no cost. We’ll make arrangements with your airline and with TSA on your behalf.

When you get to your destination, we’ll provide qualified, experienced, screened staff for respite breaks and support.

Take a look at this magic spell in action. See our trip to Walt Disney World in Florida for May 2015.

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