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Qigong Sensory Training for Autism (Parent Training)

Qigong Sensory Training for Autism (Parent Training)

Saturday, Nov 8 2:00p

Reservoir Family Wellness Newton, MA

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This 3-hour training prepares parents to deliver QST at home to their young children on the autism spectrum. Includes an overview of the research on QST, hands-on nstruction and extensive practice.
Extensive video produced by the Qigong Sensory Training Institute supports learning. Parents are provided with guided practice on massage tables by certified QST therapists. Parents practice on each other (children are not admitted to the workshop.)
Parents leave with a copy of Qigong Massage for Your Child on the Autism Spectrum and its accomopanying DVD as well as additional handouts and resources.
Note: This workshop is directed to parents/caregivers. It is not for professionals and does not prepare professionals to offer QST to their clients. Specialized training for professionals is also offered through our clinic—visit our website to learn more.