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Tanglewood family-friendly events

Tanglewood family-friendly events!
• Tanglewood on Parade, August 5th. Families can get a taste of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Boston Pops, the Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra, a performance of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture and fireworks. Tickets required
• Tanglewood Family Concert, August 23rd. Designed for ages 3 to 8. Kids under 18 are free
• Tanglewood’s Instrumental Playground - Kids can experience violins, cellos, flutes, clarinets, trumpets, trombones, and percussion instruments
• Kid’s Corner - Kids may join in on musical and craft activities on Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets to the Saturday morning rehearsal or Sunday concert are required.
• Watch and Play - August 3 & 10. Interactive music performance is designed for kids ages 3 to 10. Sunday afternoon concert tickets at required.
• Tanglewood free lawn tickets for some concerts for children 17 and under. Up to four children’s tickets are available per parent or legal guardian per concert.
For more information contact 617-638-9394 or go to