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The Colors of Autism

Why do we walk? We walk for our children, grandchildren, families, siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, friends, colleagues and our community. We walk to show we care and to support our friends and family. We walk to make a difference. Why do YOU walk? Share Your Story with the Autism Speaks community.

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The Colors of Autism

We walk so the world will open it's eyes and see that individuals with autism have a voice and deserve to be heard. Their voice may not always be able to be heard and understood, but it is there, and it deserves to be heard as equal as everyone elses. Kids with autism are not defiant misbehaved kids, they are people with a neurological condition. The world needs to know that it is not one persons fault that this problem exists: not the doctors, the parents, or the government. It is a problem, but pointing fingers of blame is not the answer, the solution to the puzzle lies in understanding the needs of these unique PRECIOUS individuals.
Autism does speak, the world just needs to listen a little closer.

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